I have been on lots of courses with Premier Training and Frank and they are always excellent. The content is beneficial and role play group work is a good way to learn. Frank is an excellent very knowledgeable trainer and I would definitely recommend them


Roisin Deery


I was very wary of the training beforehand and this was based on previous training

I had received from another training previously, (not premier training)  I went into the course with low expectations, but I was really really impressed with the course, I found the

instructor excellent and very relatable and I was extremely impressed with him,

he definitely knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend Premier Training  to others


Colin Costello


I would absolutely highly recommend Premier Training, they are excellent ‘top class’ so practical, so interactive, extremely informative, the whole process is excellent. The instructors knowledge and abilities to get everyone involved is excellent


Mervyn Boyle


We have used Frank and Premier Training for many years in all different aspects of training. I have always found them to be attentive to our needs and able to tailor the content for  the appropriate training for our teams. I have no hesitation in recommending Premier Training for your teams


Sean Malone


Fantastic training, I would have no hesitation recommending Premier Training, I thought

The trainer (Frank) was excellent, he may have lacked being the exact fit for our business

but his experience meant he could still make his examples of his knowledge relevant to us. He

pitched both days at the right level for all students, made it interactive and was very focused but

never felt I was under pressure, he is very engaging


Wayne Orbison

HO PEAK Organic Feeds

Very engaging content plus a very engaging personable instructor, was able t o relate it to our business,

I would definitely recommend to others really enjoyed it and took a lot away from it


Jane O’Connor

Pearse Trust

I would definitely recommend Premier Training we have done numerous courses with them and they are very professional, always make it interactive and relevant to our business and there are always key points to take away from every course, any training I have done with them has always been great



Roisin Deery

Tennents Lager N.I.

Overall the training was excellent, I would highly recommend and Frank was really good he was professional, friendly knowledgeable impressionable and amiable. He made the course well structured with lots of tips in each section, the group work was really good and I am delighted we  had Premier Training and particularly Frank…Thank You


R McBrearty


I found it a very good course and picked up a few good points, there was good time allocation for each part of the course, I found the role play beneficial. It was better than

Other sales courses I have been on in the past with other trainers, I found it beneficial and Frank made it feel more relaxed


John Friel


I would highly recommend both Premier and Frank to any customers, the communication from

the very beginning was excellent and Franks communication is excellent


Thomas Byrne


The trainer was excellent, and the content was so relevant to me for both work and personal

life. I found the experience very good and would definitely recommend to others


Justyia Tomoryk


Extremely informative, I would definitely recommend, very engaging, professional and knowledgeable

trainer, an excellent day of training very rounded, delivered very effectively, Thank You


Dot King

British Embassy

I would recommend Premier Training to others, training was effective and very skillful, the instructor

was excellent, the structure was very good and he managed to get the points across to all


Michael Holland


The training was excellent, the trainer was very good at listening to individuals problems

Then was able to show them and advise them on the best solutions throughout the course.

He explained everything in simple terms and used really good examples from his experience

I would definitely recommend Premier Training and the course to others


Richard Henderson


I would definitely have no problem in recommending Premier Training to other companies

They were excellent, they make the training so practical and give you tools that improve

your everyday work. I have definitely taken things away that will work and are practical,

their training is excellent


Donata pangori

Digital River

I would without a doubt highly recommend Premier Training,  I really find the interactive

style and the different learning techniques and learning styles are excellent, the group work

that expanded into additional skills was really beneficial  and Frank is so knowledgeable

approachable and friendly. He has a great way of mixing the day up to get all involved and

knows what he is talking about, No hesitation in recommending Premier Training


Hannah Frey


I have been on a few courses with Premier training and I would definitely recommend them

to others, they are always excellent, in fact the last session I attended with them was the most

interesting training I have ever attended, the instructor is so knowledgeable and so relaxed friendly

and easy to tune into, I really highly recommend


Patricia Deasy


I would definitely recommend Premier Training, there was something to be learned by everyone  in

The groups and at all levels. I benefitted so much from the course in lots of different areas, the

instructor was excellent, full of knowledge and engaging, not only is the training good and interactive

but the methods of delivery were excellent also


Ronan McMullin

Electro Route

I thought everything about the training was excellent, I would definitely recommend premier training

Courses. Frank the tutor was brilliant, I really learned a lot


Calvin Rowlands


I would highly recommend the training , the trainer was excellent, he kept using real

life examples , it was so practical, not just powerpoints like some. I enjoyed everything

The acronyms used were good as they help you remember and the interaction was great


Kalyanram Piratla


I found so many parts of the course beneficial, as the tutor said it is not revolutionary

but the whole thing is really key in your work life, the trainer had excellent knowledge on

the subject and everything was explained very clearly




Highly recommended, the training was excellent, very interesting, professional and informative

along with being practical and relevant to my daily work life. It covered everything I was

expecting and more, the trainer was excellent, his level of knowledge of the subject was evident

from the first few minutes and he was extremely engaging and made the day go so quick


Valerie Mahon


I would definitely recommend, the trainer was very knowledgeable, the whole day

was informative and very interactive, I found the role play element beneficial,

good course

Brian Koogan


We were extremely happy with the training and the results and feedback. You scored 100% on tutors knowledge and experience and all delegates with the exception of one strongly agreed that they would highly recommend the training to others.The training was excellent and the feedback from over 70 people who attended the training on various days was extremely positive, very happy with the results.

Karen Geiss

Rother District Council

We were struggling for months in key areas to close sales and after our one to one sessions with Premier Training Courses, our sales team in some areas increased sales by over 50% as a result of expert training in specific stages of the sales cycle. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Premier Training Courses.

Siobhan Crowley Medray


Excellent we were extremely happy with the training that our staff received. The training was pitched at the correct level and the feedback from the team was excellent

Thanks Merry


The feedback from the training was excellent, we are already beginning to see changes in certain areas for the positive, so we are delighted with the results and will be using again

David Jones


We used Premier Training courses for a project for one of our European operations. We had never used Premier Training before and were a little apprehensive. However there was n o need to be anyway apprehensive the course they delivered was excellent exactly what we were looking for and th feedback was second to none. We were so happy we have since looked at other areas

Lorna Campbell


We have used Premier Training Courses for nearly 5 years and as soon as we have a training need of any description they are the first company we contact.We have never been disappointed with them.

Sean Malone


We use Frank from Premier Training Courses for a number of courses we ran in 2014 and 2015, the feedback on the training is always excellent, the staff always say he is so engaging, knowledgeable and an excellent trainer who puts everyone at ease and gets everyone involved. We will definitely continue to use Premier Training Courses

Avril Gunning

AB Hotels

The training was really engaging and professional, the trainer was excellent and I couldn’t believe how he was able to relate everything to an industry he did not know at such short notice. Highly recommend

Sam Bazeley

Premium Crops

rainer was excellent and really informative and engaging, definitely worthwhile and feedback was excellent, confidence level really increased


OISG Group

Great training, very interesting content, very definitely would highly recommend premier training courses

Fabiola Perez, Sopwell House, St Albans


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