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Sales Training

Our sales training courses are planned to offer the sales delegates a blueprint to follow so they can excel in the area of sales. We offer sales training for both the experienced sales person who is seeking a refresher sales training course and also the new sales person who is looking to understand and learn the Best Practice Sales techniques. Whether you are seeking sales training for internal sales, field sales, lead generated sales, telephone sales or even cold calling sales our training courses will offer your sales people a blue print to follow.

Customer Service Training courses

Although sales are the lifeblood of any company, Customer service is also the most essential part of any company! We provide our delegates with customer service training that offer practical; easy to follow techniques so they can provide Customer Service Excellence on a daily basis. Our best practice customer service training is ideal for both people new to customer service and the seasoned professional

Leadership & Management Training Courses

Any organizations best asset is their people. We provide numerous management and leadership training courses from Team Leader management and leadership training through to Middle and Senior Management training. We offer managers of all levels of experience the skill sets and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s market.Premier Training Courses also specialize in the area of sales leadership, sales management and sales management coaching and training.

Time Management Training Courses

The bad news is time travels-the good news is you are the pilot. Through our time management training courses we will teach you best practice techniques so you will have a blueprint to follow to make the most from your day.Our time management training will help you to achieve more with less stress. We provide training to empower you to focus on the important results not on just being busy, the ley thing about time management is not …are you busy? It is what are you busy about? As we say in time management training the decisions you make on the tasks you work on today will have an impact on where and what you will be doing in the future.

Presentation Skills Training Courses

Presentations are one of the most common phobias feared by many. Learn how to build powerful, engaging and interesting presentations that will compel and convert but eliminate your fear. Premier Training Courses offer training in all aspects of presentations whether it is a presentation to a group of people or a one to one presentation or indeed a sales presentation, we can help you.

Recruitment & Interviewing Skills

Learn how to interview with a structure as opposed to gut feeling alone- find the right candidate for your organization and reduce your company costs, help staff retention and create a better working environment. We offer best practice recruitment interview training so as you can ensure to hire the right candidate every time. Whether you are looking to recruit for sales or technical roles or management or retail, admin or services we can offer you recruitment interview training course that will offer you all the skills necessary to interview succesfully

Telesales & Telephone Sales Training Courses

For many companies telephone sales are the lifeblood of their organization. If you are looking for your sales people to be trained in the area of telesales the Premier Training can help.We have immense experience in training sales people in the area of telesales and sales and our courses on sales and telephone sales will offer delegates a blueprint to follow to succeed in sales.
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